Don’t Call it a Comeback

We started counseling a couple of weeks ago.  I am not sure how I feel about it at all.  I think that it may be a waste of time.  One of the only reasons that I decided to go through this process is to make sure that I have exhausted every avenue possible to reconcile.  I like to say that I have done all that I could do.  Honestly, I feel that it really is up to him to resolve all of the issues that he has with being a step father and a husband.  The more I sit in counseling, I feel that it is more about being a step father than anything else.  If that is the case then I want him to leave.  My children and I are a package deal.  I have raised them to be respectful young men.  They may be a bit spoiled but overall awesome kids.  I am proud to be their mother and no one can change that.  If my husband does not feel that he fits into that picture then I am sorry.  Children don’t ask to be here and they are my responsibility.  Don’t mistake my firmness on this subject as I won’t listen.  I understand that I can not teach my boys to be something that I have never been, a man.  I can lead and direct them as best as I can.  Whenever my husband made a suggestion regarding the boys, I would take his advice into consideration.   I am not one of those parents that sees my children through rose color glasses.  I guess I said all of this to say my children should not be a factor in this situation.  He knew that I had kids before we got married and should have considered what responsibility that would include.  Either way I will press forward.

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