I am trying not to allow this situation to change me and change what I have always believed in.  Its hard to remain yourself when you are hurt.  it is hard not to allow one situation to change my mind set going forward. A friend asked me today how would I continue to move forward if we stayed together.  I was honest I said I don’t because there is so much work that needs to be done.  How do you rebuild from here.  Is it hopeless.  My faith teaches me that noting is hopeless with God.  So maybe I will hold on to that.  Right now I don’t have much hope.  I am just taking it day by day.  I think that is a good first step.  I have made it a couple of days without crying so I think that I am on the right path for now.

I want to be hold for myself and that is my goal right now.  I am pressing forward no matter what.  Maybe I am starting to get my mojo back…lol

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