My husband has asked me to give him some time.  The funny thing about time is that it is one commodity we can never get back.  When it is gone it is just gone.  We can never turn back the hands of time.  I really wished that my husband has come to me a couple of weeks ago with this idea.  I really wished that he had said he needed some time to think about what he really wanted.  It would have lessened the blow for me.  Instead there was no warning shot.  It hurt like hell.  It also has changed our dynamic forever.  I think that I will be guarded.  I know that I will take care of my heart in the future.  I won’t trust the way that I have in the past.  Unfortunately, when you put yourself out there people don’t always know how to receive you or the love you have to give.

I agreed to give him some time.  I want him to make sure that he really wants a divorce.  I am willing to take a step back so that he can sort out his feelings.  At the same time I will be sorting out mine.  How will I feel if he chooses to return?  Will things ever be the same between us?  i have some hard questions to answer and I plan to use my time wisely.  Press forward as the clock tick tocks.

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