Couples Everywhere

Everywhere I go there are couples all around me.  I can’t seem to get away from people holding hands, kissing and hugging.  I know that it is just my heighten sense of awareness these days but it still does not feel nice.  I have wondered why me.  I am a good person.  I treat people right.  Why do I continue to pick men that don’t value me as much as I value them. I thought that my husband was GOD sent but now I have to question that.  GOD only sends good and perfect gifts.  These emotions that I am having are no where near perfect.  I know there is a lesson in this somewhere but I can’t see it now.  I really really thought my husband was different.  I thought that we were moving in the right direction and then BAM! Just like to old batman cartoon, I’m was put flat on my back.  All I know today is that still I love him.  Even with him saying he does not want to be married, I wish him well in life and I never want to see anything bad happen to him or his family.  As for me, I just need something simple. I want to wake up and go an entire day without tears and hurt.  Baby steps!  I will press forward and try to hold these pieces of my broken life together.

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