Forever Changed

On 9-10-2014, I celebrated my 2 wedding anniversary.  We had planned for weeks to have dinner at a local steak house.  Dinner was great!  We often checked in on our relationship to make sure each other were fine.  When mister asked me how I felt, I replied in good form.  Well he looked perplexed like maybe he felt differently.  I knew then I was in trouble so for the rest of the night I avoided the topic.  The next day things were different and the following morning my life would be changed forever.  My husband of two years woke up and told me that he no longer wanted to be married.  He said that he no longer wanted to be a husband nor a stepfather to my two boys.  He said that we had done nothing wrong but he just did not want the responsibility any longer.  I was crushed.  My world as I knew it would be forever changed.  Questions began to flood to my mind.  Was I not worth you trying?  Do you not love me enough to see our marriage through?  What will I tell my boys? What would I tell my family and friends?  What would happen to the house we were building?  I never saw this coming.  I felt sucker punched.  The man that I had trusted with my most prized possession….me, was a fake.  Everything he told me was a lie or at least it felt that way.  What do I do now? Well I am a survivor.  All I can do is press forward.  This blog will represent my thoughts, my pain, my love but most importantly my healing.  Hopefully over the next year you will enjoy my post as I provide real talk about relationships, friendships and family.

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